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Each exquisite piece is individually created by native Q'ero artisans in remote regions of the Andes Mountains of Peru. All proceeds support sustainability projects in partnership with Q'ero villages that reflect a deep respect for Q'ero cultural heritage. Learn more at: www.heartwalkfoundation.org.

Product Image Watana Ties -  Bead Strands - Bracelets 300

Watana Ties - Bead Strands - Bracelets 300

$ 10.00

Q'ero watana beaded strands are used to tie mesa bundles. Q'ero women also use them as hat straps that fall below the chin. Many westerners use these strands of beads as bracelets, necklaces or home decor. 

Each strand is handmade by individual weavers in their remote highland homes. Your purchase helps Q'ero families remain in their traditional villages where they can preserve their special Q'ero culture. 

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