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Each exquisite piece is individually created by native Q'ero artisans in remote regions of the Andes Mountains of Peru. All proceeds support sustainability projects in partnership with Q'ero villages that reflect a deep respect for Q'ero cultural heritage. Learn more at: www.heartwalkfoundation.org.

Product Image Mesa Cloth - Despacho Cloth - med.  705

Mesa Cloth - Despacho Cloth - med. 705

$ 45.00

Small mesa cloths are used in sacred despacho ceremonies to hold coca leaves and other prayer and ceremonial items. Women also use them to hold their personal coca, folding the cloth in four sections and tucking the bundle in the waistband of their skirts. 

This lovely mesa cloth features three Inti (sun, light) of natural alpaca hair colors and a soft gold plant dye. 15 x 11.5 inches plus soft tassels. 

Learn how your purchase is helping the Q'ero people: Q'ero Life in the Andes: A Partnership.

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